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The Grand Master of Martial Arts celebrates his 89th birthday on Saturday, June 4, at the Tallahassee Museum of Art in Tallaght, Ohio.

He is Indian, loves polka music and loves watching his children and grandchildren play sports in high school and college. He is a graduate of North High School in Scienceville, Youngstown, where he excelled as a football player and received a sports scholarship to Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, the University of Ohio and the College of William and Mary in Cleveland. After four winning seasons, he graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor's degree in political science. After completing their training, they were married in a ceremony conducted by his father on June 4, 1953, in his home state of Indiana.

The couple continued to spend time together until Edward retired in 1953, partly because of the death of his wife Clara at the age of 60, and partly because of her illness. He retired to a house in Point Pleasant, which he kept as a summer home, but spent his later years with Clara, who died in 1944, and later with his mother, his sister Mary.

After learning the intricacies of glass selection and cutting, he left the company to marry Francis S. Driscoll, which he did on November 28, 1889. If Driscolls died in February 1892, and his widow contacted Tiffany's and reinstated the glass cutting department, informally known as the "Tiffany Girl," originally made up of women in their 20s and 30s, to hire and then supervise her.

In 1896 and 1897 Clara took a job as an assistant to Edwin and his brother-in-law Waldo Driscoll, where she was responsible for the glass cutting of the Tiffany flagship store in New York City. After meeting Clara's family in Ohio, Edwin disappeared for a few years, only to reappear at Tiffany's, where he worked as a glass cutter in the company's headquarters.

Decades would pass until 1993, when Elizabeth A. Jones, a relative of the Jeargin, transcribed from the letters a work from the genealogy of Pierce Wolcott, which was published in a hardback typoscript entitled "Pierce Wolcot Letters." The two moved to Youngstown, but Lyn returned to Wooster in 1999 when she and her art sold their house in Woostersville and bought a house there. Arts enrolled at Princeton Theological Seminary while Lyn taught mathematics at middle school, and the two moved back to Princeton, New York, for a few years.

Kastner reprinted a 1901 photo in the New York Times that shows Clara working with the watching chief worker Joseph Briggs. Equally impressive is the fact that Clara Driscoll, as head of the women's department, personally managed the production of the table lamps, for which 2000 individual glasses were required for the Wisteria model in this case. She also designed the "Fly" model with a glass jewel base, also rented from Tiffany, and created a range of inexpensive desk and boudoir accessories.

Tiffany lead-glass lamps, including the "Wisteria" and "Fly" models, as well as a range of other lamps for women.

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