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A former Akron teacher convicted of having a sexual relationship with a student and having her child for a year is the subject of a lawsuit against schools in Akron and Tallmadge. The civil suit was filed in Summit County Court of Common Pleas after a federal judge dismissed an almost identical lawsuit last year after the two-year statute of limitations expired. That suit was dismissed, which would allow for a new filing, according to court documents.

In August, Cross persuaded the student's mother to give her partial custody of the victim so she could move into her home in Tallmadge, court documents show. Cross, now 38, pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual harassment in March 2018 and was sentenced to two years probation and three years in prison. A judge granted her release on March 14 and suspended her for two years.

The Serenade players were rehearsing for their spring gala, and the couple arrived at school in the morning and left in the afternoon together. They spent the night at her house and in an attempt to keep the night as low as possible in bad weather, she chose the SpringGala as a retirement celebration for her 85th birthday. She bought expensive items, including Nike sneakers, and entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The room was already decorated and an old school band master was installed, so she set it up.

The camaraderie was evident as she cracked jokes and playfully ribbed the other members. She sat at one of the tables and enjoyed the music she had loved for decades, but she was the only woman in the room with her husband and two children.

Director and conductor Karl Tittl led the rehearsal, which was conducted by his wife and daughter-in-law. Whenever rehearsals were a little ragged, Smith said reassuringly to the group: "Even though they're rough, we all know the show will be flawless. When the rehearsal was over, everyone agreed that it was difficult, but not because of the music, but because of the people.

When Jon first felt the keys of the piano, it was clear that one day he would share his music with the world. He continued his love of music and studied jazz at the school, which he had long dreamed of attending. During his school days, his main engagement was the Ohio State University Marching Band, for which he played the sousaphone. It's a pleasure, and the songs we're playing tonight are probably some of the best we've played in their entire careers, "he said.

The alto saxophonist Bud Snow is the second oldest member of the Serenaders at around 20 years of age. The band was formed by local Freemasons who did not allow women to perform at the time, so three ladies, known as the "Serenader Sisters," stepped up and waited their turn. Of the 20 members whose ages and tenures span a wide spectrum, only one has been on the bandwagon in the entire history of the group.

At the age of 12, the Tallmadge, Ohio-born musician began honing his musical skills with an unlikely combination of trumpet and sousaphone, developing his tuba skills while perfecting his trumpet skills. His father Jonathan excused him from class so he could go to Columbus for Buckeye football every weekend. Since 2011, Jon has had the opportunity to dominate the field in what Sports Illustrated calls the greatest tradition in college football history, including three different football games.

Mother Nature was in a bad mood on the night of the show, and the rain was non-stop, but a little bit of sky water couldn't stop some of us from rocking out, while others rocked a more casual look.

When the show ended, Jon, a self-described rock'n'roll and blues player who joined the Serenaders three years ago, spoke about the band's experiences. Many members of Jon's family are talented musicians, and you could say that music is in his blood. He grew up listening to gospel music, many of which he played in church on Sunday mornings. It is easy to hear the inspiration that shaped his musical experience and the deep tradition that stems from the study of the art of jazz music. Look out for other emerging talents in the Tallmadge music scene, such as Jon and his band.

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